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                                          Qcom Phone Download Tool

                                                                    Multiple Language
The Qcom Phone Download Tool is available in Multiple Language i.e Chinese & English. In the Chinese language, you will be able to see multiple tabs but you won’t be able to see the tabs in the English language. You can also select the language from the drop-down button near the Minimize button.
                                                                Supports Multiple Platform
This Supports Multiple Platform feature permits you to flash stock firmware on Multiple Platforms including 8974 & 8×26.
Multiple Download Type:
This feature enables you to select various download type while flashing the stock firmware, including FireHose, Sahara & Auto. Auto is the default Download Type that is compatible will all Qualcomm Devices.
                                                              Multiple Download Data Type
There are multiple Download Types are available in the tool including Save User Data, Save Production Data & Wipe All Data. If you choose Save user data while flashing the stock firmware then Pictures, Contacts, Apps & other personal data that was already present on the device won’t be deleted. But If you choose Wipe All Data, then everything will be deleted and you won’t be able to recover it in anyway.

                                                                         Flashing Process

  1. Download Q-com Download Tools and save it on your Computer.
  2. Download and Install Qualcomm Driver + Universal Adb Driver.
  3. Extract Vivo V3 Firmware file
  4. Open GN_Qcom_Download_Tools.exe
Select English by Click the drop button, see picture below.
On the UpDataType menu select Save Data Production
On the Softpath menu click " ... " and locate the downloaded firmware file
Click Start Download

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