Thursday, March 3, 2016

Infinity-Box v1.42 Latest Full Setup direct Download

Infinity-Box v1.42 Latest Full Setup direct Download

=== v1.42 ===
General improvements and fixes

- Main
FlashEngine Updated
AFF Verify operation improved
Some other changes and improvements

- Service operations improved
"Format FS" feature revised for old MT6575/MT6577 phones (Encryption and etc. problems)
Format FS : Clear UDA+Cache ( second option ) way changed to WIPE
OTP detection improved
Security info read improved for MT6589 and MT6575/MT6577
Security Repair improved
FixDl operation support MT6589 ( especially for some Lenovo-like phones )
NVRAM operations revised , NVRAM verify improved
FastBoot mode operations improved
Fix Unknown BaseBand revised : improved MT67xx support, new "deep fix" level supported

- Smart AV operations revised
"AppScanner" updated (Dictionary DB also updated +200 new types)

- FW Read Engine Revised
Improved AutoDetection
Brand-Specific improvements ( latest HTC , Infocus and some other brands )
NAND Factory FW reading improved
Additional files read improved

- UserData operations improved
DataDirect Engine revised
Secure Platforms supported improved

- Other
DRAM init revised for older platforms
All rest problems, reported by users has been fixed
Other different changes and improvements
FP platform Factory FW reading improved